Thursday, May 22, 2014

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fortythree

I found this sculpture last week.  It's one of those pieces that I'm not sure if it's pretty or ugly but there's something to it that attracts me.  It sits for now, on my shelf, awaiting it's fate.  xo

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fortytwo

Morning cup of coffee in my Oah cup.  I'll be putting a few of his cups in the shop today.  xo

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fortyone

A belated birthday gift.  I love this piece from Heather Levine.   She is an amazing artist.  I just wish I could afford her bigger pieces.  Oh well another day. xo

365 days of iphone : onehundred&forty

A morning treat is a good thing.  The problem with this is figuring out which one to get.  And of course coffee is a must.

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&thritynine

By know you've probably figured out that I have a bit of a ceramic obsession.  Just a tiny one.  These are my recent "fix".  I'm really enjoying the work of Stephanie Adams from Pickle Pottery.  I love her designs and they feel great to hold.  The two on the right I purchased from AMano shop. And the white one on the left is from her Etsy shop.  Go get yours! xo

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&thrityeight

These are pot holders and face cloths that are in their final stage of being completed.  I enjoy knitting them but find that I have too many, so I was thinking of giving them away with purchases made in the shop and on my Etsy.  Good idea?

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&thrityseven

I'm not sure if it's the artist in me but ideas pop in my head when Im inspired and right there and then I want to make it or do it.  It's quite hard to do with kids and schedule so I gather my supplies and wait for that just right moment which is.... and this is the hard part... is if and when I have a moment.  Right now I've just been able to create in my head but hoping upon hope that pretty soon I'll get to these beautiful pieces of drift wood.  

Thursday, May 15, 2014

365 days of iphone : days onehundred&thrityfive, onehundred&thritysix

 I've been busy taking pictures with my "other" camera for Etsy so I haven't been clicking my iphone very much.  Heres my work space that I've been seeing more of lately.

See that bowl of paints?  I miss them....I miss picking up my brush and dragging it on canvas with them.  Soon...soon.

Monday, May 12, 2014

365 days of iphone : days onehundred&thirtyone, onehundred&thirtytwo, onehundred&thritythree

 Have you had these?  You must...
 Ode to Mom.  
Hope all you Moms had a wonderful Mothers Day.  Sweet givings from our teenage neighbor Sage.  So thoughtful xo

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

365 days of iphone : days onehundred&twentyseven, onehundred&twentyeight

 My tree round getting acclimated to the house.  Already got the legs for it.  It's going to be a beautiful table. 

My new acquisition.  I saved it from the harsh fluorescent lit show room of ikea.   

Friday, May 2, 2014

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