Thursday, June 19, 2014

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&seventyone

Miss Lily's reading teacher retired this year.  We love Alice and will miss her dearly.  As a going away gift Alive presented Lily with Yoda Man.  Yoda lived on top of Alice's desk and routinely Lily would bop Yoda's head before ending class.  Now Yoda lives near our front door and before got it....Lily bops Yoda on the head.  Yoda Man Alice xo

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&seventy

Getting ready to put in some summer bracelets in the shop.  I love making these as much as I love wearing them.  

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&sixtysix

At the end of each day we gather as a family and reflect on our day and say what we are thankful for.  Today I'm thankful for our Meyer lemon tree in front of our yard.  I especially like adding it to my firewater.  

Friday, June 13, 2014

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&sixtyfive

Isn't this cool?  It's a pillow case that I found years ago.  I've never really used it as a pillow case.  I've hung it up a couple of times.  It's a great art piece for the wall.  Very folk art.  I'm just amazed at the detailed worked that someone put into it.  Totally a labor of love.  Anyways I've been thinking of adding it to the shop.  I think it's time for it to go to someone else to appreciate.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&sixtyfour

Come on in!  We're having a few of our favorite people over for dinner tonight.  So excited just to hang out and share a meal. Our house is never pristine and they take us as we are.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fiftysix

Another one of my recent favorite finds a ceramic plaque from the 70's.

365 days iphone : day onehundred&fiftyfive

An adorable basket I found.  I still don't know it's use so just enjoying looking at it for now.

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fiftyfour

My current obsession succulents and pottery.  I'm getting quite a collection and they still need to be potted.  

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fiftythree

Now I might be a bit bias because I'm the Mama but I think my Lily is quite the artist.  This is a drawing of her big brother sleeping. 

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fiftytwo

What I came home to Saturday afternoon.  Shoes!  From the General Store.  Love em.

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fiftyone

My gathered props for Saturday trunk show.  

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fifty

We live in a really colorful and creative place.  What we can upon on date night.  This deserved at least 2 bucks in the can.

365 days of iphone : onehundred&fortynine

Picking up goodies from Julienne of Gather & Spill for the upcoming show Saturday.  Her work space is amazing, so many things to look at, like being whisk to Diagon Alley.  

365 days of iphone :day onehundred&fortyeight

We found this one morning.  I oh so love this idea. Sharing and reading what could be better.

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fortyseven

Since the boy is done with school we get to enjoy a few long lunches together.  More time to talk and catch up.  One of my favorite parts of summer break.

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fortysix

I wanted to share with you a lovely find.  A vintage indian pottery piece.  

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fortyfive

There is this breakfast place that we frequent quite a bit.    It's particularly small, with about 6 tables, one lovely cook name Sue and one waitress.   So the wait is often long but we don't mind.  We know once we're seated we can be assured of a yummy meal.

365 days of iphone : day onehundred&fortyfour

The last day of school for my Son.  Someone cleverly drew a amoeba heart on the white board.  Cute... you get an A+. 
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